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When people are in the middle of a dispute, they need someone with experience and confidence who can help them find their way to a peaceable solution.  

Fowler Mediation in Eugene, Oregon helps people to resolve their clients calmly so that it does not need to be a difficult process.  With over a decade of experience in a variety of conflicts, Dr. Clare Fowler helps clients to make an informed decision that will work for them.

"My focus is on Workplace Mediation. I specialize in resolving problems in small- to medium-sized businesses. I am also interested in looking at companies to see what systems they have in place that are continually causing problems, and how to tweak or completely redesign those systems."

Dr. Fowler is the president of Fowler Mediation. She is an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, and a practicing workplace mediator. She mediates employee disputes, workplace problems, mergers and dissolutions, employee grievances, and organizational concerns. She works at She is available to mediate disputes throughout Oregon and online.  Additional locations upon request.

Dr. Fowler has been mediating community disputes since 1999.  She has mediated over 400 cases with a 89% settlement rate. 

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Introducing Basic 40-hr Mediation Training with Dr. Clare Fowler

What participants have said:

"I just completed Phase One of the online mediation course and I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I have learned so much already. I think I am enjoying being online rather than in person as I can go at my own pace, take some time to think about the concepts, etc." 9/21/15 Training Participant

 "I was impressed with how much I learned during this process.  Before this course I didn't think I would be ready to begin my mediation practicum, but now I'm looking forward to it!" ~ Training Participant

"After 30 years practicing law, I expected this course was only a requirement that I had to check off to transition into mediation.  This course helped me to understand my clients better and taught me my style as a mediator." ~ John, Training Participant

"The mediation process was explained very clearly. For someone who is new to the process, it is very helpful to know how to start, what is coming next, and what the finish should look like. When that is laid out early, it is much easier to "place" the additional information & details that follow." ~  Training Participant

"I always enjoy a training where the instructor is prepared, is knowledgeable, covers all the material expected, considers different learning styles, and follows a pre-set agenda with still being flexible and in-tune with the needs of the individual. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole week!" ~ Training Participant

"I feel like there was a 'take away' that I will use from every single component of the training. Thank you." ~Michelle, Training Participant 

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