Clare Fowler Mediation Sponsored Basic Mediation Training

with Dr. Clare Fowler invites you to complete your 40-hour Basic Mediation Training in Eugene, Oregon.

Where: The training will be held at the University of Oregon School of Law, rm 142.

When: January 17-21, 2019. (17th: 10a-4p, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st: 8a-5p)

What: This training will give you the basic training to begin mediating disputes. Participants are encouraged to connect with their local courts and mediation centers to gain experience. Participants will also create their Mediation Practice forms during the training, including Agreement to Mediate, Confidentiality Form, Opening Statement, Note-taking Form, Written Agreement Template, and Evaluation Form. The course will be recorded.

How Much: The course is $300. UO students and alumni discounts are available. This includes all course materials and refreshments.

Next: Register for the course by December 20th. Spaces are limited.


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