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 Over two decades of experience guide clients through a warm and efficient process to a durable agreement.

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"My focus is on Workplace Mediation. I specialize in resolving problems in small- to medium-sized businesses. I am also interested in looking at companies to see what systems they have in place that are continually causing problems, and how to tweak or completely redesign those systems." ~ Dr. Fowler

Dr. Fowler is the president of Fowler Mediation. She is a professor at the University of Oregon, a practicing workplace mediator, and works at (designing the weekly newsletter and moving clients online with Caseload Manager). 

"I have been putting off this mediation for a year, because I was nervous about how it would turn out. We were barely speaking in my office. As soon as I met Clare, I realized I should have called right away. She was warm and funny. She understood exactly where I was coming from and what I wanted. She also helped me understand what the other side was asking for. Even though it was still difficult to talk with the other party, she kept the room kind and safe. I could tell she has done this a lot because she knew just what questions to ask. We reached an agreement. And when she checked in with us 2 months later, I was happy to tell her that work was fun again!" ~ Mediation client, 2019.


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"Hi Professor Fowler,
I just wanted to say that your course has been one of my favorite courses I have ever taken in college (and for context, it's my last term). I wish that I had taken your course earlier in my college career. I had the biggest epiphany about my internal conflict after class today which will be discussed in my paper, and I find myself applying the techniques we talk about in my daily life now. Also, I literally recommend this course to everybody I can, and I wish I still had time to take more conflict resolution classes.
Thank you, L" ~ Feb, 2022


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