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  Company Training

Company Trainings are a smart way to prevent your companies conflicts from escalating.  These can be general discussions about professional office communications; or they can be specific, pinpointing potential difficulties in your office.  

Trainings are designed to maximize time and strengthen your office.  They can be broken down into multiple sessions, designed for employees or managers.  Or you can have overview training, resulting in a Communication Agreement for your office. 

Begin by filling out the Training Request Form.

You will be contacted within one business day to discuss specifics.

Next Steps:

1) Training Agreement: If a training is agreed upon, you will receive a Training Agreement with additional Terms and Conditions.  Please sign and return. 

2) Designing Your Training: Your trainer will craft a training for your company.  Every training designed is unique for every company.  While there are some common key elements, the goal is to design the training that is right for your company.  Please do not hesitate to provide feedback.

3) Preparation Conversations: Your trainer will likely require Preparation Conversations with key individuals to prepare for the training.  If a follow-up dispute process is expected, this will be discussed separately and with a separate mediation agreement.  The trainer might also recommend that a different neutral be brought in if the trainer feels that this could create a conflict of interest. 

4) During Your Training: This training will include a detailed agenda, with a proposed time schedule.  While the trainer will maintain a similar time schedule, she reserves the right to amend the schedule during the training if that is deemed most beneficial in the moment for the participants. 


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