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 You may request a specific training designed from your office, or choose one of the trainings below.

Training fees begin at $250/hr or $2,000/day. Call for a precise quote. 

List of Trainings

Communication 101

This course reviews the basics of communication. This provides a firm foundation for other trainings, as well as making sure that everyone is beginning with the same point of view. After discussing the basics, this course dives deeper to examine where potential difficulties are happening/could happen. 

1.5 hours

Facilitation 101

This course is designed to improve office meetings and maximize your time. It includes detailed instructions for agenda setting, communicating before and after meetings, follow-up, and action items. This course is designed for offices with an assigned facilitator, and also for those who will be volunteering to facilitate meetings and take notes. 

1 hour

Nature to Nurture

This course examines our bodies' instinctual and learned reactions to conflict. We look at how our brain reacts in conflict, how we can be aware of our triggers, and how we can begin to rewire our brain to change ineffective behaviors. There are three main stages we will move through: Recognition, Reaction, and Role. This is a highly interactive course. Sample here:

3 hours

Retail Communication

This course is specifically designed for the sales-driven office. For most people this type of communication does not come naturally, and for many it feels inauthentic. Part of this course allows people to find their motivation for communication. The other section provides guidelines and theory behind sales communication. This will allow participants to walk through their own examples, receive immediate feedback, and find the approach that is comfortable for them while also improving sales. 

1 hour

Office Communication

Did you know that the majority of office conflicts stem from miscommunication? Not gossip, or slander, or jealousy, or martyrdom--simply poor communication. This course gleans from Dr. Fowler's doctoral dissertation research where she examined 4,000 conflicts across the country. That study revealed the 5 steps an office can take to improve communication and reduce unnecessary conflict (The TEACH method). When conflicts are necessary, there are steps that both management and employees can take to help these conflicts be a positive experience that deepens office relationships. 

2 hours

Management Communication

Managers in today's workworld are expected to be miracle workers and chameleon--achieving the impossible and satisfying everyone. How do you support someone without enabling inefficient behaviors? How do you correct someone without micro-managing of offending? Finally, how do you decide what is best for your business, and enforce it in a way that will help your office to come on board? 

This course can be taught to a management team as a workshop, or can be divided into 3 one-hour coaching sessions. 

3 hours

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