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Participant Testimonials

Mediation Training Testimonials

"This instructor clearly demonstrates how committed she is to student success."

"This course is well-prepared.  The notebooks are thorough, easy to follow, and provide great information." 

"The Role-plays were based on real situations--they were very helpful."

"I like that you referred to page numbers throughout the training.  It helped to keep us all on track."

"Good pace.  It was demanding, but broken into many explanatory chunks with short breaks which really gave you time to absorb and incorporate the mediation process."

"Thank you.  You are a great teacher." ~ Lunell, Training Participant

"This was an excellent training.  The amount of actual practice was extremely helpful." ~ Judy, Training Participant

 "I was impressed with how much I learned during this process.  Before this course I didn't think I would be ready to begin my mediation practicum, but now I'm looking forward to it!" ~ Training Participant

"After 30 years practicing law, I expected this course was only a requirement that I had to check off to transition into mediation.  This course helped me to understand my clients better and taught me my style as a mediator." ~ John, Training Participant

"The mediation process was explained very clearly. For someone who is new to the process, it is very helpful to know how to start, what is coming next, and what the finish should look like. When that is laid out early, it is much easier to "place" the additional information & details that follow." ~  Training Participant

"I always enjoy a training where the instructor is prepared, is knowledgeable, covers all the material expected, considers different learning styles, and follows a pre-set agenda with still being flexible and in-tune with the needs of the individual. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole week!" ~ Training Participant

"I feel like there was a 'take away' that I will use from every single component of the training. Thank you." ~Michelle, Training Participant

Mediation Participant Testimonials

"We had a conflict.  Now we don't.  Couldn't have done that without you.  Thanks."


"Thank you, Clare.  You brought us closer as a company than we thought possible." 

"You're a good listener.  I guess I didn't even realize why this was affecting me so much.  Thanks for helping me figure it out." 
"Thanks for getting us out of an impossible situation.  You saved our company."


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