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Basic Mediation Training Certification

This is an approved course through University.

In order to receive certification, participants must: 

1) Participate in the entire course 

2) Complete the course in 6 months

3) Write down verification codes which they will submit at the conclusion of the course

4) Participate in the course role plays

5) Create their own Mediator Statement and Reframing ToolBox, understand mediation ethics, and identify their mediator style and strength

Upon successful, students will receive a certificate of completion.  To verify if this certificate will qualify for a local State Bar CLE, MCLE, CEU, or CME requirements, check here or email the instructor at Clare(@)

"The mediation process was explained very clearly. For someone who is new to the process, it is very helpful to know how to start, what is coming next, and what the finish should look like. When that is laid out early, it is much easier to "place" the additional information & details that follow." ~  Training Participant

CLE Attendance Requirements:

To approve CLE credits, ABA has certain requirements about who is in attendance during the live training. The live training included: a realtor, the CEO of an Engineering Corporation, a mediator, a university ombuds, three university professors, three full-time practicing attorneys, a psychologist, a public defender, a teacher, an apartment manager, a school counselor, and a mediation board member.  Half of the participants intended to begin volunteering at community mediation centers before mediating on their own; the other half intended to incorporate mediation into their existing employment.  

"I always enjoy a training where the instructor is prepared, is knowledgeable, covers all the material expected, considers different learning styles, and follows a pre-set agenda with still being flexible and in-tune with the needs of the individual. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole week!" ~ Training Participant


Enroll in the course here.

"I feel like there was a 'take away' that I will use from every single component of the training. Thank you." ~Michelle, Training Participant



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